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Ile Ife the Holy Pilgrimage of African Religion

Here I will try to list as many of the Orisa that I can think of out of the 401 Orisa. 

Name of Orisa Description of Orisa
Obatala Obatala is the pure and clean in heart and someone who is very old and knowledgeable.  He is the Orisa of wisdom and someone who is wise and the one who molds human beings.
Oduduwa Oduduwa - the Orisa of the progenitors (forefathers) of the human race - he was a warrior. He also wears white like Obatala, but is not to be confused with Obatala.
Oranfe Oranfe - in Ile Ife - he is the commander of the Thunder.  He is older than Shango.  He is the one that the OOni went to to get his crown. 
Agbonniregun or Orunmila This Orisa that bring knowledge of or wisdom. He is the one that gives the message of Oludumare. 
Ogun Ogun is the commander of Iron.  He is the deity that lead all Orisa to the earth and cleared the road for them. Ogun is a hunter, blacksmith  - a warrior.  Anything pertaining to Iron - Ogun is the controller of the rehelm.
Esu Esu is a messenger of all Orisa.  What ever you are doing you have to put something for Esu to make your things to work straight to the Almighty god. Esu is not the one who blocks good lucky, it is human being that are the one that have made error and need to appease Esu to help correct the error that they have caused. 
Obaluwaye Obaluwaye is the guardian or small pox and disease. 
Osoosi Osossi is a tracker,  hunter and guard of Obatala. He is just like a soldier or police that protects Obatala. 
Oluorogbo Oluorogbo was the first writer on earth.  He was a peacemaker.  He is the one that founded Olomo and gave it to Ogboni to be used.  He tried to make peace between Obatala and Oduduwa.
Orisakire He was the commander of Ojice - those that are possessed by Orisa and any type of possession.
Orisateko or Orisaoko He is the commander of agriculture and farming.
Oreluere When there is no rain he will use his plant to make the rain come.
Elefon Oro or Oro This is a orisa that woman cannot be initiated to it. It has a lot of secret, but a woman can do the festival for Oro if it is in her family line. Woman can also be mounted with the Orisa, but not initiated to it.
Olojudo or Iro He is the orisa that is the owner of the crown.
Egungun He is the commander of the ancestor and masquerade.
Obalufon He is the king of heaven.
Oranmiyan The is the owner of the sword.  He was the founder of Benin and Oyo Kingdom.  He is a warrior deity.
Sango He is a king and commander of thunder. He is also a magician.
Esindale It is a taboo for any human being to knock his head on the ground. When they do that since it is a taboo this orisa will take that person away. (The suicide)
Obameri This is the orisa of those that hang themselves with a rope. It is a taboo for people to be hanged - this Orisa will take that person's body away
Alajogun He is a messenger of Obatala. 
Iyemoja The Oldest woman in the river
Olokun The owner of the sea and riches - the owner of salt.
Aje She is the owner of the money and riches.
Osaara or Osa The Owner of the lagoon.
Mokuro She is the friend of Olokun and Osara living in the stone.
Opa Is a man hunter with a lot of dogs..many many..dogs that follow him.
Yememolu She is the wife of Oba - she came a well water.

This is another river Orisa - it is a taboo to throw colanut at that river - she will be annoyed.

Osun She is the owner of the river and the mother of many children
Oba This is another river - she the first wife of Sango.
Oya She is the commander of the wind and blowing breeze. Favorite wife to Sango.
Erinle Another river - she is like Osun, but different.
Kori She is the orisa of children.
Oke The Orisa of the hill
Moremi or Edi The Iron lady - the wife of Oni  - she is a hero.
Osanyin The owner of herbal medicine
Aganju The Orisa of White cloth, he is one of the children of Obatala
Orisa Ibeji The Orisa of twins
Olomo or Edan Orisa for Ogboni Cult
Ile The home that we go to when we leave this earth - the soil

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